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Sherlock the sheep detective and the Vampire fish
Sherlock the sheep detective and the Vampire fish
When a nutty professor's experiment goes horribly wrong, Sherlock the Sheep Detective is called in to save the human race.

Sherlock the Sheep Detective can walk on four legs or two. He speaks five different languages: English and Welsh, French, Russian and Japanese. He has a black belt in karate and can fly a plane !

Written by fourteen year old Nathan Cox and illustrated by nineteen year old Charlotte Jones, this story is one which will make you smile although some of the illustrations are quite graphic and the Vampire Fish is SCARY ! Too scary, in fact, for BBC Children in Need for whom the royalties were originally intended. They felt they could not endorse the book and so Nathan and Charlotte are now donating all royalties earned from the book to the Air Ambulance. Both Yorkshire where Nathan lives and North Wales which is Charlotte's home rely heavily on the Air Ambulance so they both feel that it is appropriate to donate to such a worthy cause.

Copies of Sherlock the Sheep Detective and the Vampire Fish will be available on publication date 24th November 2010. Advance orders will give Air Ambulance a further 10% donation.
ISBN: - UK - 9 781901 442 328
PRICE: £5.99 + Postage & Packing (£1.75)

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