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I Died on the Titanic by Monica O'Hara
I Died on the Titanic by Monica O'Hara-Keeton

Monica O'Hara is a medical journalist whose reporting is far removed from the sensation seeking of some tabloid newspapers........and yet she insists she died on the Titanic ! From childhood Monica had suffered from nightmares, flashbacks and a terror of deep still water and eventually her husband, Joe, suggested they try hypnotherapy to find possible answers.

Those answers contained as many surprises for Monica as they do for us. Under sessions of hypnotic regression Monica recalled being Lucy Latimer, a victim of the Titanic disaster! Lucy's tale is one of human love, passion, obstinacy and fickleness pieced together in a riveting detective story and whether or not you believe in hypnotic regression or re-incarnation, you will find this book fascinating and thought provoking.

ISBN: - UK - 978-1-901442-34-2
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