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Revenge for a Stranger
Revenge for a Stranger by Terence Woods

Peter Grimes had been living quite a boring life since retiring from the army but his life changes when an elderly neighbour is attacked and robbed in his own home. Although Peter did not know his neighbour well, he felt compelled to take revenge for what had been done to him. He never thought that what started out as giving a couple of thieves a good beating would lead to taking on a drug dealing gang and end up attracting attention from a Columbian cartel.

Read how Peter uses all the skills he had learnt from being a soldier in the SAS. His martial arts combined with his computer technical training is second to none and no-one can match him when he has his mind set on the job in hand. In the end, even the police admire him. The story has violence, drugs murder and, of course, romance.

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AUTHOR: Terence Woods
ISBN: 978 1 901442 52
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