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David Hodges, author of Flashpoint, described by Colin Dexter as a 'splendid debut in crime fiction' has now come up with his second 'splendid' novel, Burnout, a frightening psychological thriller, which mixes a cocktail of revenge, conspiracy and murder and shows that the past can never be completely buried.......

Twenty years ago, vicious psychopath, Eddie Challow, was shut away in a top security mental hospital for torching a local haulage contractor to death and brutally raping his daughter, Tania. But at long last Eddie is out and determined to exact a terrible vengeance on those responsible for his long incarceration; with Tania - ironically now married to former CID officer in the case, Mike Dexter - top of his hit list.

As the body count starts to rise and Challow embarks on a cruel cat and mouse game with his mentally scarred rape victim, Mike desperately tries to secure the evidence that will put him back behind bars before it is too late. Mike soon learns, however, that he is not only up against a cunning and ruthless adversary, but also the top echelon of his own police force, who have their own personal reasons for wanting to keep Challow's name out of any investigation.

A fast-paced topical thriller, combining unremitting suspense with the gritty realism of modern policing which will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

PRICE: 6.99 + Postage & Packing (1.75)

Alternative Payment can be made by cheque or postal order.
David Hodges latest book. 'Slice' is being published by Robert Hale and will be available in June from all good bookshops.
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